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Dog Fleas and Ticks

The most common questions we get asked are about fleas & ticks and how to prevent them, especially with the tick population in our area rapidly rising every year. They can both be a nasty pain to deal with, but luckily, there are many great products available to stop them...

Microchipping a Dog

Microchipping is another way to help lost pets to be reunited with their owners.

Overweight Dog Help

Proper diet and exercise are crucial to a long, healthy life for your dog. If those needs are not being met, your dog will likely become overweight or obese, which often leads to various other, more serious health problems, such as heart and mobility issues. According to a 2011 study,...

Senior black dog

Senior Dog Care

Older dogs need special care to keep them comfortable and healthy. Diet and exercise will likely need to be adjusted, and regular check-ups at the veterinarian will help your dog live a long and happy life!