Blog: Dental Care

Bottom view of the legs of a cat standing by a food bowl

Pet Food Spotlight: Veterinary Exclusive Dental Diets

85% of cats and dogs over the age of 1 year are affected by dental disease. That is a lot of cats and dogs! Because of this, there has been plenty of research put into improving and preventing dental issues in our pets and many different dental products now exist.

Happy dog in front of wallpaper

Understanding Periodontal Disease

We all realize the importance of our own dental routines to prevent the occurrence...

Angry cat getting its teeth brushed

Tips for Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

The Vet Care Pet Hospital staff would like to welcome everyone, pets and owners alike into 2014. Over the next year we would like to help all the owners out there to care for and make their pets happier and healthier! Tips for brushing your dogs teeth: 1. Start by...