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Dog Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a very difficult time for all family members. We strive to make this situation as easy as possible on you and your pet. When you have decided that it is time, please contact our clinic and we will go over any questions you may have about the procedure...

Two dogs and puppies sitting in a line on a log bench

Breeding Services for Dogs

We work closely with many breeders of a variety of purebred dog breeds and help them raise healthy puppies and mama dogs, making sure to answer all of their questions and provide them with all of the proper services they need.


Dog Skin Care

Skin issues are a common problem with many dogs. Allergies, both environmental and dietary, and bacterial or fungal infections can make your dog very itchy and uncomfortable. If you notice your dog often scratching, chewing or licking at their skin, or if their skin looks red and irritated/"rashy," you should...


Surgery Service for Dogs

Our clinic offers a wide variety of surgical services.