Blog: Parasite Prevention

Cat scratching its leg

Fleas: What You Need to Know

There are over 1900 species of fleas. The species that we are most concerned about with our pets, found in 99% of cases, is called Ctenocephalides felis. This flea is not specific to cats, as the “felis” name may suggest, but will also affect dogs, rabbits, and multiple other species.

tick prevention

Ticks: What You Need to Know

While most pet owners know all about fleas, many are not educated on the other main external parasite posing a risk to our pets in the warmer months: TICKS! Like fleas, ticks feed on the blood of their host animal and they like a variety of hosts (dogs, cats, rodents,...

Veterinarian placing a stethoscope on a dog

Does my dog have worms and what can I do about it?

All dogs are exposed to worms when they first drink their mothers milk: sounds crazy? The worms and dogs have been evolving together for hundreds of thousands of years, and this ensures that each generation will pass it on to the next. The worm parasites lie dormant in the tissues...