Dog sitting by a fan

Tips for Keeping your Pet Hydrated

We all know that summer is not the longest season of the year in the maritimes. Our furry friends are also aware of this, although unable to help themselves cool down during these few hot days. You might need to get creative to make sure you keep your pet hydrated. Getting plenty of water is […]

Dog and cat lying on grass

Top 5 Summer Hazards for Pets

Written by Meghan Green HEAT Dogs are not be able to tolerate even a short walk during the hottest days of the summer. On those very hot days keep your furry friends inside with a lot of water and a fan to keep them cool. Danger signs of heat stroke are panting excessively, acting uncoordinated […]

Cat stepping out of a closed litter box

Feline Urinary Tract Disease

Feline urinary tract disease (FUTD) is the general umbrella term for any disease that affects the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra of cats. Both males and females are affected by urinary tract disease equally; however incidence of some specific diseases in this category are more common in one sex than the other. Feline urinary tract […]

Veterinarian placing a stethoscope on a dog

Does my dog have worms and what can I do about it?

All dogs are exposed to worms when they first drink their mothers milk: sounds crazy? The worms and dogs have been evolving together for hundreds of thousands of years, and this ensures that each generation will pass it on to the next. The worm parasites lie dormant in the tissues of females sometimes for years […]