Tips on Giving Medication to your Dog

Throughout your dog’s life, he or she will run into times when medication is needed to improve their quality of life. Medication given orally can be given in multiple forms such as, tablets, capsules and liquids. Other forms can be given to your dog by inserting the medication in their ears or eyes, as well as applying to the skin. Training your dog to take his or her medication is not only a benefit for you but also your pet.

The following are various tips to help you dog receive their medication:

A very common method is to insert the tablet or capsule into a meatball of their canned food. It is also possible to make a meatball using cheese or other yummy goods from home. Please consult with your veterinarian before doing so, this could result is various digestion problems. Many veterinary clinics sell ” pill pockets” , these are chewy treat with an area to insert the pill and seal off. These are usually given to the dog as a treat and they readily eat.

No owners first choice is to force a pill or capsule down a pets throat although it is effective if the previous tips are not successful. To give a dog a pill, slip your thumb into the space behind one of the canine teeth and press upward on the roof of the mouth. As the mouth begins to open, press down on the lower jaw with the opposite thumb. When the mouth is completely open, insert the pill as far back on the tougue as possible. This will reduce the chance of the dog spitting the pill out. Close the dog’s mouth and massage or rub his throat until he swallows. Blowing into the dog’s nose may also cause him to swallow the pill. Another tip is to have a syringe of water ready to give him after the pill, making it easier for him to swallow.

Depending on the medication prescribed to your dog, a liquid form to give orally may be available. It is inserted in the mouth with a syringe. When giving liquid medication, lift the dogs top lip around the molar area ( this makes the medication easier to travel down the throat). Insert the syringe and release the medication into the dogs mouth. After giving, keep the dogs mouth closed until he swallows. Some medications are flavored to your dogs liking which makes it easier to give.

Other types of medication such as topicals, ear medication & eye medication are given differently and with the recommendation of your veterinarian.