Kitten getting a vaccination

Kitten Vaccinations

Just like human babies, kittens need the proper set of vaccinations at a young age to promote a strong, healthy immune system and a long, healthy life. It is our responsibility as owners to make sure our new little friends get what they need at the proper times.

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When do kittens get their first shots?

Kittens should ideally be vaccinated for the first time at 8 weeks of age.

How often do my kittens need vaccines?

After the first vaccine at 8 weeks of age, they will need boosters at 12 weeks and 16 weeks. After that, vaccines will only be due annually.

Does my kitten need only core vaccines?

Not necessarily! Each kitten vaccine visit will include an FVRCP core vaccine, and it is recommended at the final kitten visit to also get the rabies vaccination. It is important to discuss your kitten’s risk factors with the veterinarian to determine if your kitten should get any other vaccines.

Are there any risk associated with vaccines?

As with most things, there is always the risk of the pet having an adverse reaction to a vaccine, however, it is not very common. Rarely, cats can sometimes develop a vaccine-associated tumour. This is most commonly seen with the feline leukemia vaccine, but is only seen in approx. 1 out of every 5,000-10,000 cats vaccinated. If you would like to further discuss the risks of vaccines, please contact us to book an appointment to discuss with a veterinarian.

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