How Often Does a Cats Litter Box Need to be Scooped?

Written by Meghan Green

Cats will be most happy and content if their litter is scooped 2 times a day. This may seem like a lot but cats are very clean and it is not comfortable for them to step over mounds of urine soaked litter or dried up old feces in order to find a clean square inch for them to go to the bathroom. Scoop the box at least twice a day to ensure that your cat will be able to find a clean dry space.

Scooping serves another important function; it can be used as a diagnostic tool. When scooping the litter on a daily basis you are able to detect any potential problem in the beginning stages. Even though scooping the litter box is not the highlight of your day, it will give you the opportunity to see signs of diarrhea, constipation, blood in the urine/ feces, or an unusually large or small urine clump. The more you scoop the more familiar you will be with the normalities, normal size and amount of the feces and urine clumps. If you are noticing a size change in the urine clumps it could indicate a urine problem or other medical condition. Catching this early can make a huge difference in the terms of treatment success.

So scoop your cats litter 2 times a day and you will have happy cats. You will also know what is normal for your cat as well as will notice right away if your cat is showing any signs of anything abnormal going on. If any changes in the urine or feces output give your vet a call be ensure nothing more is going on.