Eddie the Elf’s Christmas 2017 Adventures at VetCare

If you follow our Facebook page, you know we have had a little visitor in the month of December for the past few years. Eddie the Elf loves to keep us on our toes during the holiday season, playing pranks and causing trouble around the clinic. Here is a recap of his 2017 Christmas adventures:

Two people holding pet carriers in front of a SPCA truck

December 12, 2017

Our friends at the Greater Moncton SPCA dropped off a familiar face this morning. They couldn’t put up with his shenanigans anymore, so Eddie the Elf is back with us for another holiday season!

Eddie the Elf taking a Christmas bubble bath in a pet food bowl

December 13, 2017

Eddie was in need of his annual Christmas bubble bath. Now he is ready for the season!

Eddie the Elf sitting beside Nigel the cat sitting in a Mail Out box

December 14, 2017

We caught Eddie the Elf trying to send Nigel away in the mail this morning! Looks like he doesn’t want to share the spotlight this year.

Eddie the Elf climbing a Christmas tree

December 15, 2017

Eddie the Elf was caught climbing our Christmas tree this morning! He wants to remind everybody that all items on the tree (toys, collars, leashes, and more) are available by donation and all proceeds go to Abandoned Cat Rescue.

Eddie the Elf trying to get a piggyback ride from Thea the dog

December 16, 2017

All Eddie wanted was a piggy-back ride, but Thea wasn’t having it!

Eddie the Elf sitting beside Frank the cat covered in a white streamer

December 17, 2017

Frank was not too impressed when Eddie interrupted his cat nap in the office yesterday. Frank is still up for adoption through the Greater Moncton SPCA! Help us find him a home in time for Christmas so he won’t have to put up with Eddie’s silly pranks anymore.

Eddie the Elf biting a chocolate lollipop tree

December 18, 2017

Having all of that chocolate for breakfast isn’t good for your tummy, Eddie!

Eddie the Elf covering his eyes and sitting on a weighing scale

December 19, 2017

Looks like someone has already put on a few holiday pounds. We told you that chocolate from yesterday wasn’t good for you, Eddie!

Eddie the Elf getting an x-ray scan

December 20, 2017

Eddie the Elf has been complaining that his tummy is sore for the past couple of days. We decided to take an x-ray to see if we could figure out what was wrong. What do you think we found?

Eddie the Elf having a surgery

December 21, 2017

Uh oh! The x-rays we took yesterday showed Eddie the Elf had a candy cane stuck in his tummy! Luckily Dr. White and our RVT, Stephanie were available to take him into surgery and remove it before it caused any more trouble. That will teach Eddie not to eat his Christmas candy so fast!

Eddie the Elf playing hide and seek in a Snoopy Christmas mailbox

December 22, 2017

Eddie is already feeling so much better since his surgery with Dr. White yesterday! He is already trying to play hide and seek with the clinic animals again. Didn’t anybody tell him he is supposed to rest for 10-14 days after surgery?

Eddie the Elf sitting with Little Chandler the cat

December 23, 2017

Eddie the Elf may cause a lot of trouble around the clinic, but we have to admit he also does a great job at comforting our patients during their stay with us. Little Chandler loved his Eddie cuddles today!

Eddie the Elf practicing his gift wrapping skills

December 24, 2017

Only one more sleep until Christmas! Eddie the Elf is practicing his gift-wrapping skills before he has to put them to good use just in time for the morning.

Eddie the Elf beside a whiteboard that says Merry Christmas

December 25, 2017

Eddie the Elf and all of us here at VetCare Pet Hospital are wishing you a Very Merry Christmas filled with love, family, yummy holiday treats, and tons of furry four-legged snuggles by the tree! We’ll see you again next year, Eddie!

Written by VetCare Pet Hospital