Chinese Herbs

What are Chinese herbs?

In traditional Chinese medicine, dating back over 2,500 years, many different methods are used to restore the body’s natural balance and harmony. The main method used is herbal medicine, but also includes acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy. Chinese herbal medicine entails using herbal formulas made up of a combination of natural plant, animal and mineral materials, that are prescribed for various medical issues.

Are Chinese herbs safe?

Chinese herbal therapy is considered very safe. Side effects are relatively rare because the formulas and herbs we use have been studied and refined over hundreds of years, contrastable to Western medications that are studied for a shorter time, before being marketed to the public.

Why would you use Chinese herbs instead of traditional Western medications?

Chinese herbal medicine is a great substitute for those pet owners looking for alternative therapies for treating chronic health issues. There are advantages and disadvantages to both Western medicine and herbal medicine. Because the herbal formulas are made with all natural ingredients, they tend to have much fewer side effects than synthetic drugs. Chinese herbal therapy works slower than traditional medications, so it is most often used for ongoing long-term medical problems. When comparing this to traditional medicines, there are often more side effects associated with long-term use, making herbs a safer treatment in chronic cases.

What are some illnesses/diseases you can treat with Chinese herbs?

Herbal therapy can be powerful in slowing or halting the progression of kidney disease, supporting blood flow and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Chinese herbs can also be helpful with skin conditions, where traditional drug therapy is often not very successful in the long term. Other conditions that can benefit from the use of herbal medicine include heart issues, behaviour disorders, gastrointestinal issues, endocrine diseases, liver diseases, blood-related diseases, immune diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, neurologic disorders, cancer, respiratory diseases and urinary issues.

How are herbs given to the pet?

Herbs most commonly come in the form of concentrated granules, tablets or liquid and are given to your pet orally.

How can I find out if Chinese herbs can help my pet?

If you are interested in learning more about Chinese herbs and how they can potentially help your pet(s), please call us at 388-8880 and request an appointment with Dr. Mavis Poirier, who has had additional training on how to use Chinese herbal therapy in veterinary medicine.

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