Microchipping a Dog

Microchipping is another way to help lost pets to be reunited with their owners.

Why is it important to ensure my dog is microchipped?

Having your pet microchipped is another way to help to have your pet returned to you if they become lost.

How it works a microchip work and is it safe?

A small microchip is inserted by your Veterinarian under your pets skin. Each chip has its own number. After the chip is inserted the owner has to then register with the chip company. You only need to register once however if at any time during the life of your pet you move or change your phone number be sure to contact the chip company so update this information. All SPCAs and Veterinary Hospitals are equipped with microchip scanners. Should a lost pet come into their care they will scan him/her for a chip. If a chip is found they will contact the company to get the owners contact information.

How much does it cost to Microchip a dog?

If you are interested in microchipping your pet please contact our office for pricing (506-388-8880)

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