Chinese Herbs

Learn about the benefits of Chinese Herbs in Veterinary Medicine.


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Animal Rescue Work

We offer many services to our local rescue groups.


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New Puppy at Home?

Learn more about the importance of spaying or neutering your new puppy!


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Parasite Awareness Month

Ticks, fleas and worms are back in full force! Learn how you can take preventative measures in protecting your pets from those nasty parasites!


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Welcome to VetCare Pet Hospital in Riverview

The team at VetCare Pet Hospital understands the bond that exists between pets and their owners whose love and dedication demands only the best in care. VetCare Pet Hospital provides excellent care with an emphasis on compassion and personal attention.

Our team of dedicated and skilled staff are looking to provide our Riverview community with preventative and progressive health care for your cats, dogs, pocket pet exotics and birds. Our goal is to provide thorough and compassionate care to our pet patients while also offering exceptional service to our valued clients. We guarantee that we will listen to your concerns and work with you to ensure that your pets remain healthy and happy. We look forward to seeing you and your animal companion in our office soon.

Meet the Team
Great service!! Friendly staff!! You know they treat your fur babies well when your dog gets excited when you…

Pt Drone Adventures, Nb

Very good with my kitten, very kind about my worried calls and kept me well informed

Sarah Kiddo

We highly recommend this vet clinic! Excellent, knowledgeable staff who are friendly and kind. We used to go to another…

Natasha Eldridge

Dr. Duan is the best! He is a very compassionate man. The staff there are great as well.…

Sylvia Hagerman

Great staff that know their stuff!!

Jonny H


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Roundworms: What You Need To Know

Last Spring, I started a blog series on parasites with two blogs on fleas and ticks. This year, I am taking you from the most common EXTERNAL parasites to the most common INTERNAL parasites your cats and dogs are faced with as the warmer weather starts to find us, beginning with ROUNDWORMS!

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Anal Glands: What's Up Down There

What are anal glands?Anal glands are a pair of small pockets located on either side of the anus, usually at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock positions. They are found in various mammals, including dogs and cats. These glands produce an oily, smelly, brownish coloured fluid that is used to mark territory and create that animal's unique scent to others. (This is why dogs are so fascinated with sniffing each other's bums!)

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